“Shadow People”

“Shadow People”

 In order to seek a research environment, I decided to write it in English as well.

 Of course, I don't have time to translate by myself, and since it's an automatic translation, I'm sure there will be some failures. Also, since this is a description of the ``life after death,'' even if the reader feels that there is a sense of discrimination due to the wording, etc., I would like to disclaim that I have no such sense of discrimination at all. All of these are obstacles to automatic translation.

 If I am allowed to research freely, I will produce results within a year. I don't know if I’ m still alive that long.


Winter is the season for “Shadow People

 Every year, the period from the end of November to the end of February is the ``Afterlife Month,'' a time when people who are not of this world frequently appear. It probably has something to do with the fact that the air tends to be dry.

 "Beings from the other world", including ghosts, are on the border of the human visual range and are usually invisible to the naked eye, but by changing the TPO they may become more visible. In short, it changes into something visible depending on the relationship between air pressure, humidity, and the quality of light. 

 The act of ``looking at your own image or scenery reflected in a glass window'' is a procedure for extracting the wavelengths of light that are reflected on the glass. By repeating this experiment, I think it will be possible to find out which wavelength range is suitable for ``observation of the other world.'' Experiments require help with facilities and equipment, which is expensive, so I thought that religious groups would notice this and realize what it meant, but so far no one has come.

 Well, I think that depending on the direction of my research, some ``inconvenient facts'' will be discovered in some religions (for example, the main god does not actually exist).


 The point is that ``life after death can be explained by natural science.''

 To use an analogy, it is the existence of the "heart." A person's ``heart'' cannot be seen or touched, but few people doubt its existence. The same condition applies to spiritual beings, but for some reason this is often denied.

 ``Existence after death'' is an existence close to the ``heart,'' and the ``heart'' is not made up solely of physical interactions. Electronic signals from the cranial nerves alone cannot create such individual differences.  

 The ``heart'' has its own substance (gaseous) that moves it, and this seems to exist semi-independently of the body. First of all, proceeding with the assumption that this exists is a shortcut to finding a solution. To do this, I think we should first proceed in the direction of establishing ``spiritual science'' in the same way that psychology was formed.


 By the way, in the previous section I wrote that ``ghosts are on the border of the visible range,'' but whether or not you can see them in that case simply depends on the environmental conditions (TPO) and individual differences in the visible range.

 For this reason, I have been saying that ``there is no such thing as special psychic ability.'' Like nearsightedness and farsightedness, it is simply an individual difference, and if this is the case, if the environment is prepared and the individual differences are corrected, anyone can see the afterlife. Everyone has inspiration, but they just don't know how to use it.


 Returning to the original topic, it seems that during the winter season, the ``people of the other world'' whose existence is easiest to come into contact with are `` Shadow People.''

 The ``Shadow People'' exists only in the shadows, but it has a humanoid shape.

 Because it's a shadow, it's almost invisible in sunlight, but on the other hand, it's more noticeable in the dark.

 I think this is related to the wavelength of light, especially infrared rays.


 Infrared rays are so-called heat rays, and when irradiated with them, the object becomes heated, but in the case of a " Shadow People ," this is on the negative side, so it turns black. Due to the difference between the area and the surrounding area, it somehow seems to have a ``black'' or ``cold'' feel to it.

 Many people have had the experience of driving down a darkened road on a winter evening and being surprised by a dark figure on the side of the road. If you look around carefully, you may sometimes see them standing in the shadows.


 Of course, the pattern in which "Shadow People" appear is not uniform but varies.

 The images posted here have been published several times in the past, and they capture the " Shadow People" quite clearly.


 At the time the photo was taken, it was so clear that I doubted myself and my surroundings, but no matter how many times I tried to verify it, I still came to the conclusion that someone was here.

 In this image, the outside scenery is reflected on the right side of the window glass, and a figure can be seen leaving the inner torii gate.

 I was already outside the eaves under sunlight, but my whole body was a shadow.

 At the time, I thought that the woman wearing black clothes might have left an afterimage because she was moving forward, but there were streaks radiating in all directions, so it wasn't an afterimage caused by her movement. In this case, the image flows only behind the movement.


 A minute later, I took another photo of the glass window, and this time it showed the inside of the room.

 Here, on the other side of the woman in the room, we see another " Shadow People."

 Judging from the silhouette, it appears to be a slender woman, almost identical to the " Shadow People" from earlier. The fact that this figure is translucent and standing on the other side of a living woman makes it clear that this figure cannot be a living person. 

 Since the entrance to the temple is the access point to the shrine office, it would be impossible in terms of time to ``climb the stairs again and go from the shrine office to the temple'' in just one minute.


 By the way, this is the first time I've discovered this, but if you zoom in on the " Shadow People" outside, you'll see that there are two female faces overlapping each other. I think anyone can see this if you enlarge the image.

 There is a certain way of looking at it, and it is good to imagine a person standing on the other side of the frosted glass in a bathroom. If the person on the other side brought their face close to the glass,  they would be able to vaguely see a face, but it was exactly the same.

 Ghosts often look like this.

 It is not valid in the first place to say that something is present because it can be seen, and that it is not there because it cannot be seen. The other party may be outside your visual range.

 "Shadow People" have the impression of being different from ordinary ghosts, but they seem to have some kind of connection with ghosts.


 One mystery is why "Shadow People" appear.

 One of the things that is said in the world is that it is ``a form of pick-up'' and ``coming to see someone die.''

 In the case of "welcome messenger(grim reaper)", I once met a person who was twisting a space (essentially light) about 15 centimeters around his body. When the steam rises, the scenery sways, and the surrounding area ripples like that.

 Once you see that, you'll start to think that evil spirits in horror movies are ``human-like and cute.''

 Ghosts are extensions of living humans, but ``welcome'' and `` grim reaper'' are not. It's a different existence.

 ``Shadow People'' also seem to be a little removed from other people's emotions.

 In fact, I have experienced cardiac arrest, and even now I could die from an internal disorder at any time, but even before that danger occurs, a "Shadow People" remains in the image. In addition, I did not notice that it was reflected for more than ten years after the photo was taken.

 Elucidating the afterlife requires empirical procedures, which are beyond the reach of individual researchers.

 It would be nice if there was a system that could move in an organized manner, but research on the afterlife is mostly based on faith or occult interests (curiosity), and is virtually useless.

 I don't have much time left, and I don't think I'll be able to figure it out in my lifetime.

 Soon, I will be on that side too, so at that time I will try to stand in the position of ``welcome messenger'' or `` grim reaper'' and spread the word about the whereabouts of the other world. Well, I won't give you any grace, I'll definitely take you away.


Addendum 1) "Shadow People" have been coming nearby for quite some time, but most of them are women. If this were the same woman, the story would be a little different.


 Addendum 2) At this time of year, a "Shadow People" can sometimes be seen standing on the side of the road at dusk.

 It seems that if you pay attention to this, a different circuit in your brain will start working.

 It seems like my intuition tends to come to me more easily, and the other day I suddenly felt like a bicycle was coming out from behind a building, so I slammed on the brakes, but my child's bicycle actually jumped out at me.

 The bicycle swells and bends, so if I had just kept going, I'm sure I would have hit it.

 At this time, I thought, ``My intuition is really useful after all.''


Addendum 3) "Shadow People" are not particularly harmful to people, and there is no need to be afraid of them.

 Ghosts aren't all that scary if you handle them with care, just as you would treat someone you've come into contact with. On the other hand, if you are afraid, you will feel the fluctuation of your emotions and cling to it even more.

 I think "welcome messenger" is scary even for those who are used to the afterlife.

 I always write about the time I "welcomed" someone, but the fear I felt at that time still trembles.

 It's not a horror-like fear, but a fear of "the unknown" and "foreign people." I didn't feel any ``human elements'' such as emotions.